Friday, March 28, 2008

Form following function

It seems on some projects the medical equipment information becomes an important part of the design process only AFTER the floor plan is set. My experience has shown that hiring an equipment planner often becomes a priority when the MEP (mechanical/electrical/plumbing) folks start asking for additional details to complete their late DD or early CD submittal. This is late enough in the design process that the information provided is being used reactively, rather than pro-actively.

Said another way, the design team is plugging the equipment into the room, rather than designing the room around the equipment. I have always been a proponent of form following function. When medical equipment is driving much of the function in a room, it seems prudent for the equipment planner to be available in the initial design sessions. Too often our initial insertion into the project is responding to RFI's in the final push to complete the mechanical, electrical and plumbing specifications.

I'd like to hear your experiences.

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